Mistakes That Will Require You to Call Burlington Plumbers


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You need professional help with the water lines, the drain backs up, or a pipe springs a leak – these are just some of the reasons why we call the Burlington plumbers. However, there are also some instances when we pick up the phone and call in an emergency after making a mistake.

In this article, we’ll discuss about some of the most common mistakes that Burlington plumbers frequently encounter. Read on and try not to commit these bonehead mistakes.

Throwing trash in the garbage disposal

Despite its name, you shouldn’t be throwing all your trash in the disposal. Most people think that they can throw anything in there. They cram most of their wastes down there until it stops working. Pumpkin carvings, potato peels and watermelon rinds are just some of the common items that Burlington plumbers have to remove in order to free the blades.

Putting too much weight on the fixtures

You’re not supposed to hang a shampoo rack on the shower head. This will put too much weight on the plumbing fixture. According to Burlington plumbers, they are not made to carry too much weight. This will cause the shower head to snap right off at the threads.

Flushing things down the toilet

Most Burlington plumbers have their own story about receiving a call because someone flushed something down the toilet.

If an item gets stuck in the trap, a plumber has to remove the toilet in order to retrieve the item. Plunging may not worsen the problem by pushing the item into the waste line.

Cranking on a faucet handle

Most homeowners crank the faucet handle when it is not working. Pushing or pulling too hard may break the handle and it’s not going to solve the leak or drip problem.

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